Sometimes I wonder..

Sometimes I wonder if i'm ever on your mind. I wonder if you ever think about what we had and thinking "gad, I miss her". All the days and nights we have spend together, all the teasing and funny jokes, all those tears we shared and all those stupid discussion about stupid things. And don't forget about all the movies we saw together. Do you ever wonder what we would have been today if things didn't get to complicated? I do.

Letting go may seem like an easy thing to do after so long time, but I know you will always be a big part of me no matter how much I wish you meant nothing to me.

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19, Bod

Jeg er ei jente p 18 r som er bosatt i lille Bod. 5.Mars 2013 fikk jeg min nydelige snn Lucas Alexander. Jeg er alenemamma og her p bloggen kan dere lese om graviditeten min, hverdagen min som ung alenemamma og veien mot f kroppen tilbake etter graviditeten :) Dere kan kontakte meg her p bloggen eller p e-post: